Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Why do some People Cheat on their Partner

Cheating a partner is not only applicable to men.  It could also happen to women.  Though, in reality, a higher percentage of cheating goes to men.  Most women who cheat on their husband or boyfriend usually have certain reasons of doing so.  While men sometimes cheat their partner for no reason at all.  They simply do it just for fun.  As they say, boys will always be boys.  Let’s find out some of the common reasons why some people cheat on their partner.

One reason a man or woman cheats on his or her partner is falling out of love.  Some people who fall out of love with their partner cannot tell directly his or her real feelings for him or for her.  Maybe because the concerned partner is afraid of hurting the other partner.  That is why he or she pretends that everything is well and okay.  As a result, this partner is tempted to cheat on his or her spouse.

Lack of communication can also be a reason why one partner cheats on the other.  Even if both of you are living together in the same house, but you have a communication gap, most likely, one of you will be tempted to enter a secret love affair.  Talking to your partner should always be on top of your list.  The purpose of having a partner in life is for you to have somebody to talk to and share your problems with, so why not be open with whatever it is that needs to be discussed and resolved.

Another is distance.  Long distance love affair usually does not succeed.  Because of the distance, one partner may be tempted to cheat on his or her partner.  There are times that we seek for our partner’s love and affection.  And since he or she is not around and somebody is keeping an eye on us, we sometimes get tempted.

Some people cheat their partner simply to experience sexual fulfillment without any attachments.  This is commonly referred to as a “one night stand”.  This is usually committed by men because they have a tendency to be adventurous in terms of the sexual drive and wants.  Sometimes, husbands are ashamed to sexually explore their wives because they think that they are being disrespectful.  That is why, they resort to pay a woman just to have fun in sex.

Another reason why men cheat is because a woman’s sex drive is no longer the same as it was when they first get married.  Men are perceived to be sexually attached.  They cannot live without sex.  When a husband feels that his wife is no longer portraying her role as a sex partner, he tends to get bored.  And when he feels boredom, he would then think of something new and exciting.  Searching or looking for a woman who can satisfy his sexual desire may come in hand.  Craving for the initial excitement and secret affair may do happen.

Men cheat on their partner simply just to stray outside of long-term relationships.  They want to remember what it was like being free, single, desirable and unattached. They wanted to experience the fun that they once had without thinking of the negative outcome on such action.

Some people cheat their partner simply because they want to.  They do it just for fun, especially men.  When they are with their friends and after drinking too much liquor, some men are tempted to look for women to satisfy them with their sexual desire at that very moment.  Some men cheat because they are not yet ready to have commitments. While some just like to have various sex partners.  They would be very happy and contented to use or have sex with different women.  Men with low self-esteem think that having sex with more than one woman is an ego boost.

Whatever the reason behind cheating one's partner, may this not happen to many of us.  We should think of many ways to solve this kind of problem and build a harmonious relationship with our respective partners in life. There is no such thing as an excuse when one cheats.  So, avoid doing it and never be tempted at all.